Meet Ana Silva Rey

— In this series, we highlight the work of our partners in our Opportunity Movement and share their vision for Charlotte’s future.

Social Capital

Meet our Opportunity Champion, Ana Silva Rey, Executive Director of Latin Americans Working for Achievement

Leading on Opportunity: What is your vision for economic mobility in Charlotte-Mecklenburg?

Ana Silva Rey: We at LAWA envision a community where Latinos achieve their educational dreams and promote a better quality of life. LAWA strives to achieve this vision with our programs by closing Latino academic achievement gaps, improving Latino high school graduation rates, and increasing the number of Latino students who pursue and complete post-secondary study. We expect our LAWA Scholars to become contributing and productive adult citizens of their community.

Leading on Opportunity: What does opportunity mean to you?

Ana Silva Rey: Opportunity is the means to improve lives, minds and spirits.

Leading on Opportunity: How does Leading on Opportunity’s North Star Goal inspire and connect to your work?

Ana Silva Rey: The Leading on Opportunity North Star Goal is a guideline for what all of our non-profits, corporations, individuals and the government in Charlotte-Mecklenburg unitedly should work to achieve. In the next generation our children should be able to dream and make those dreams a reality with a society built to support them. LAWA is committed to working with the Latino Youth in the Charlotte Region providing education and youth development programs that prepare students to thrive in tomorrow's world by giving them the building blocks and fundamental tools that prepare them for their future careers.

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Moving Charlotte from 50 out of 50 in economic mobility is a collaborative, community effort. With that in mind, we set a goal to build an Opportunity Movement that celebrates everyone's contributions. On March 26, 2019, we honored 50 Inaugural Opportunity Champions who have gone above and beyond to support implementation and align to one or more of our 21 community-inspired strategies within the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Opportunity Task Force Report. Often without any public recognition, this group of distinguished leaders set the bar high for others in our community to invest in building a stronger equitable community for all children, youth and families.