How Read Charlotte is Promoting Literacy at Home

— Educational Partners Unite to Provide Resources for All Students

By Loán C. Lake, Communications Director | March 25, 2020

Even before COVID-19 became a part of our consciousness, Read Charlotte served as a resource for promoting literacy in families. Read Charlotte was launched as an initiative of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Opportunity Task Force in 2015 to double third -grade reading proficiency because it is such a critical indicator to an individual’s economic status. This commitment has led to a systems-based approach to shift the trajectory for low income children and their life outcome.

Today, with the emphasis on virtual learning as our society addresses the COVID-19 crisis, the organization is tapping into its network of educational partners to help parents adjust to their temporary roles as full-time educators in a homeschooling environment. As a means of supporting Charlotte-Mecklenburg parents – regardless of the age of their children -- in their quest to keep learning alive, Read Charlotte, with the help of numerous partners, has launched the #KeepLearning CLTcampaign. The #KeepLearningCLT campaign provides families with a recommended list of CMS-endorsed, high-quality online supplemental K-12 resources that CMS families can access with their students' login credentials. For other families, the page offers easy-to-use and mostly ​free resources with a handful of subscription-based options. It also includes math resources courtesy of Heart Math Tutoring. There is also a plan underway to provide resources to non-native English speakers.

Why is this important? Education serves as an equalizer with the potential to nullify the deficits many children face due to socio-economic circumstance, providing a unique opportunity for long-term public benefit. Our community’s rapid transition to a virtual learning environment further underscores the need for a more equitable playing field for children in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

We applaud the efforts of partners like Read Charlotte who recognize the importance of collaborating with like-minded institutions to ensure that all families have equal access to educational resources that keep children engaged – regardless of where they are learning.

Learn more about the launch of Read Charlotte.