Imagine What We Can Be Together - Our North Star

— By: Dr. Stephanie Cooper-Lewter, Executive Director

What if we radically re-imagined our shared future together?

That’s exactly what we asked our community to do. After deliberation, multiple community meetings and surveying hundreds of Charlotte-Mecklenburg residents, on March 26, 2019 at our Day of Opportunity we unveiled our community-inspired and community-informed North Star goal:

Within a generation, every child in Charlotte-Mecklenburg will have an equal chance to achieve social and economic success.

IMAGINE, with us, a future of possibilities where:

  • Every child by 2050 in Charlotte-Mecklenburg;
  • from any zip code, gender, race and ethnicity, background – especially those from low-income families;
  • has an equal chance to equitable opportunities as we close racial, ethnic and gender mobility gaps across the income distribution;
  • to ensure holistic social-emotional health and well-being for all children;
  • in order for them to achieve family sustaining wages by their mid-thirties.

This is what we IMAGINE Charlotte-Mecklenburg can be.

The future of our children depends on you. Our community depends on you. Your passion and willingness to lend your time, talents and treasures will help our community build new pathways to opportunity so all children rise, together.

Join our Opportunity Movement today to help our community reach our North Star, together.