A tool for tackling economic mobility. Pointing the way towards Strategy.

The Opportunity Compass

The Opportunity Compass is a data visualization tool for measuring Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s collective progress towards improving economic mobility. The Opportunity Compass measures 33 key indicators across five areas of improvement. These drivers of opportunity were identified by combining the findings of the Opportunity Task Force Report with the voices of the local community.

Quick Facts About the Compass

  • Uses data from 2015-2019
  • All data is from publicly available sources
  • Establishes a baseline for future progress
  • Measures 33 key indicators across five areas of improvement

The Opportunity Compass is a tool for community organizations, policymakers, public institutions, and others. The Compass strengthens collaborations across sectors by creating common metrics of economic mobility. The Opportunity Compass provides a shared language and accessible visualizations of the determinants of economic mobility in order to aid organizations and individuals in policymaking, fundraising, and community organizing. This tool can guide decision-making and data-based solutions for a more equitable Charlotte-Mecklenburg community.

For more information about the Opportunity Compass, download the indicator glossary or reach out to research@leadingonopportunity.org.

We are a community that cares about all of our children – regardless of their income, background, race or zip code – and where all of our children feel they belong, have big dreams and have the opportunities to achieve their dreams.

We welcome the opportunity to connect with you. Please contact us at info@leadingonopportunity.org.

Download The Report

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Opportunity Task Force Report


Informe Del Grupo De Trabajo De Opportunidates De Charlotte-Mecklenburg