We are a community consultant, a catalyst, and a convener.

Our Approach

Beginning in 2020, LOO entered its execution phase. With a new executive director, Sherri Chisholm focused on rebuilding a team of subject matter experts, expanding the Council, and establishing College and Career Readiness as a priority area. The team also focused on creating a measurement tool called the Opportunity Compass which is now available on the website. The Opportunity Compass is a data visualization tool for measuring and aligning Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s collective efforts towards improving economic mobility.

Our Impact Formula

We approach our work with a simple impact formula:

3 levers of change

Strategy, Data, Policy

2 enablers of effectiveness

Communications + Operations

1 vision for mobility

Analyzing Problems

Leading on Opportunity works collaboratively with stakeholders to identify practices and policies that positively and negatively contribute to economic mobility. Leading on Opportunity approaches problems holistically by cataloging previous interventions, mapping issues within the ecosystem, assessing barriers to success, and identifying high-impact opportunity areas.

Designing Solutions

Leading on Opportunity works with local and state partners to identify programmatic and policy solutions to improving economic mobility, while also establishing measurable goals and outcomes throughout the process.

Catalyzing Action

Leading on Opportunity provides support for existing change efforts by: Convening and facilitating dialogues, developing policy action plans, evaluating programs and policies for equity and accountability, and incubating new programmatic initiatives.