Newly announced Mayor’s Racial Equity Initiative seeks to raise a quarter-of-a-billion dollars to address inequities and boost opportunity in Charlotte Mecklenburg

Mayor’s Racial Equity Initiative

Committed to an equitable Charlotte, the Mayor’s Racial Equity Initiative seeksto set the standard as an American city for achieving racial equity, social justice, economic opportunity and upward mobility through transformational public-private partnerships.

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Op-Ed: Why These Two Charlotte Leaders are Supporting the Affordable Housing Bonds

Charlotte Agenda • Michael Marsicano and Harold Rice, Jr. - November 1, 2018

Over the past week the difficulty in overcoming our city’s housing shortage, particularly for our most vulnerable citizens, has been in the spotlight.

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Leading on Opportunity Hires Community Impact Directors to Address Key Drivers of Economic Mobility

Charlotte Business Journal • Bank of America - October 19, 2018

Three community impact directors are now at work in Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s Leading on Opportunity initiative. They are point people to make an economic mobility strategy into real-life results. Their experience adds pragmatic breadth and depth for this Charlotte-Mecklenburg challenge.

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New ‘Atlas’ of Mobility Shows How Kids from Different Charlotte Neighborhoods Have Done

The Charlotte Observer • Ann Doss Helms and Galvin Off - October 1, 2018

Harvard economics professor Raj Chetty, lead author of that study, which also included researchers from University of California at Berkeley, heads a new nonprofit group called Opportunity Insights, dedicated to figuring out what can break the generational chains of poverty and racism.

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Bank of America, Albemarle Corporation Commit $20 Million to Economic Mobility in Charlotte

Charlotte Business Journal • Caroline Hudson - September 27, 2018

Each company has pledged to donate $10 million to 17 nonprofits, which focus on early education, college and career readiness and a stable family life.

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Free Land And A $20 Million Dollar Pledge: Big New Plans For Affordable Housing In Charlotte

The Charlotte Observer • Ely Portillo - August 28, 2018

Charlotte’s efforts to build more affordable housing got a boost Monday, with the announcement of large donations from two local companies. Developer Crescent Communities is putting up land for affordable housing at a new mega-development in west Charlotte, while Wells Fargo pledged $20 million to groups that build housing and help homeowners with down payment assistance.

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Bank of America Panel Looks Into Connection Of Affordable Housing And Early Childhood Education

Charlotte Business Journal • Bank of America - July 27, 2018

This intersection of affordable, stable housing and quality early education has been identified by Leading on Opportunity as a major touchpoint for breaking a chain of intergenerational poverty in the community. Leading on Opportunity is the community’s response to a 2014 report that ranked Charlotte last among the nation’s 50 largest metro areas for upward social mobility.

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Affordable Housing Fills A Critical Role In Education, Economic Mobility

Charlotte Business Journal • Bank of America - June 29, 2018

The Leading on Opportunity Task Force, a group of community members including grassroots, faith, government, business and philanthropy organizations emphasizes in its recommendations for addressing inequality the importance of early childhood education and its connection to affordable housing. These recommendations are being implemented by the Leading on Opportunity Council, co-chaired by Andrea Smith, chief administrative officer at Bank of America and James E. Ford, founder of the Be More Foundation and principal at Filling the Gap Educational Consultants.

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Q & A With Stephanie Cooper-Lewter, Executive Director of Leading on Opportunity

Charlotte Business Journal • Bank of America - June 21, 2018

Dr. Stephanie Cooper-Lewter shares her perspective on her first few months at Leading on Opportunity and her vision for Charlotte.

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Foundation For The Carolinas Announces $5 Million Program-Related Investment To Boost Affordable Housing

Press Release • Foundation For The Carolinas - May 24, 2018

“The Leading On Opportunity Report specifically calls for the creation of a Housing Opportunity Fund,” said Todd Mansfield, chair of the FFTC governing board. “The report also encouraged us to approach problems differently. By making a program-related investment instead of a traditional grant, we – and others in the philanthropic community – can participate at a more significant financial level.”

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