Racial Equity Toolkit

A reflection and resource guide for collective impact backbone staff and partners. Exlpore the resource here: https://collectiveimpactforum.org/resource/racial-equity-toolkit/

Black Wealth Indicators

The Black Wealth Indicators bring together a dozen county-level measures of wealth from our Racial Wealth Equity Database. Search for one county to examine how an individual county measures up nationally or compare two counties. The tool paints a holistic picture of the variations that exist among communities and fuels a data-driven discussion on racial […]

Making Change: A State Advocacy Playbook for Equitable Education Finance

In “Making Change: A State Advocacy Playbook for Equitable Education Finance”, we share lessons from advocacy leaders in six states — California, Connecticut, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, and Nevada — on the conditions that paved the way for positive changes in their education finance systems. Read More

Life Lessons: Tonya Jameson

From party life to party lines, the longtime Observer reporter and political consultant looks for opportunities to bring Charlotte’s diverse residents together. Read More about Leading on Opportunity’s very own Tonya Jameson: https://www.charlottemagazine.com/life-lessons-tonya-jameson/

A New Economic Mobility Tool for Change

Leading on Opportunity — an FFTC initiative focused on increasing pathways to opportunity for all — recently announced the Opportunity Compass, a new tool to help measure Charlotte’s collective progress on economic mobility that was developed in partnership with community leaders. The launch of this new visualization is a major step forward in the effort to […]

New tool helps Charlotte measure progress on economic mobility

Charlotte has a new way to examine itself and its efforts to improve economic mobility called the Opportunity Compass. It attempts to measure whether the community is making progress on its pledge to improve the odds that children born in poverty will make it out. The tool devised by Leading On Opportunity aims to help nonprofits, philanthropists and […]

Charlotte launches tool to measure economic mobility

Leading on Opportunity debuted the Opportunity Compass, which was developed in collaboration with community leaders to determine ways to improve economic and social capital in the region. A 2014 national study ranked Charlotte last among the 50 largest U.S. cities in economic mobility. “The Land of Opportunity study was a nationwide wakeup call that achieving […]