The Workforce Almanac

Click here to explore Harvard’s tool that maps the workforce development sector across the United States.

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How it can be used

  • Policymakers, including state and local workforce boards, can integrate the Almanac data with other more granular information to improve their decision-making on resource allocation and to work more strategically with training providers serving their areas.
  • Philanthropies can find communities with a high need for investment and better inform their grant-making strategies.
  • Training providers can explore what other providers may have coverage in the areas they are looking to serve for benchmarking or collaboration purposes.
  • Intermediaries and employers can better understand the local and regional training provision landscape to match learners and workers to existing training opportunities, or from training to employment opportunities.
  • Researchers in the field can explore other geospatial dimensions of this data – including local labor markets, metropolitan areas, and rural areas–to produce new insights into the workforce development sector.
  • We are just beginning to learn where practitioners and researchers will take this open access data to improve workforce training pathways.

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