Raj Chetty TEDx Talk

“Economist Raj Chetty presents data showing that it is easier to achieve the traditional American Dream of upward income mobility if one lives in Canada than in the United States. Using big data, he shows that there is tremendous variation in rates of upward mobility in the U.S., with some cities, like San Francisco, offering rates of upward mobility comparable to Canada and others, such as Atlanta, offering lower rates than any country in the world. Chetty uncovers and analyzes key factors that explain these differences in upward mobility and how policies can be changed to revive the American Dream.”


Raj Chetty’s Open Source Course: Big Data For Social Good

“Big social problems require big data solutions. Using real-world data and policy interventions as applications, this Harvard Online course will teach core concepts in data science, economics, and statistics and equip you to tackle some of the most pressing social challenges of our time.”

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