NYT Create your own Income Mobility Animation

“Pick any two demographic groups. You can sort by gender and by the income bracket in which children were raised. You can watch what happens to them as adult individuals, or in their adult households, in a variety of scenarios.”

Opportunity Atlas

“The Opportunity AtlasWhich neighborhoods in America offer children the best chance to rise out of poverty?The Opportunity Atlas answers this question using anonymous data following 20 million Americans from childhood to their mid-30s.Now you can trace the roots of today’s affluence and poverty back to the neighborhoods where people grew up.See where and for whom opportunity has […]

Results For America Catalog

“Explore local strategies to improve economic mobilityLocal governments are on the front lines of one of the defining challenges of our time—advancing economic mobility for low-income youth, families, and communities.This site provides resources on evidence-based practices, programs, and policies designed to improve outcomes that drive upward economic mobility.We hope that these materials help accelerate change […]

Raj Chetty TEDx Talk

“Economist Raj Chetty presents data showing that it is easier to achieve the traditional American Dream of upward income mobility if one lives in Canada than in the United States. Using big data, he shows that there is tremendous variation in rates of upward mobility in the U.S., with some cities, like San Francisco, offering […]