EQUALibrium: A public conversation on race and equity in Charlotte

In this special conversation, host Mary C. Curtis is joined by local leaders and experts at Project 658 in Charlotte to look at how far the city has come, and what still needs to happen to improve upward mobility in Charlotte. Read more: https://www.wfae.org/show/charlotte-talks-with-mike-collins/2022-03-08/equalibrium-a-public-conversation-on-race-and-equity-in-charlotte

The Opportunity Task Force is making progress on economic mobility in Charlotte.

A Feb. 10 Observer editorial mentioned that the Opportunity Task Force ”hasn’t generated the changes it promised” surrounding economic mobility. This greatly discounts the many ways our community has embraced and carried out the recommendations of the Opportunity Task Force report, which was — and still is — a catalyst and road map to improve […]

Too few people in Charlotte interact across class lines. That hurts everyone.

My experience at University of Michigan reminded me that having social capital is part of how I got my first job out of college at Deloitte, and it’s part of my story in applying to Harvard for graduate school. Throughout my journey, I have spent time with Black and white people, whose worlds were bigger […]

Who You Befriend Affects Your Economic Mobility

When it comes to economic mobility – low-income children’s ability to rise from poverty – we’ve known for a while that where you live influences your chances of success. Now, a new study suggests it’s not just where you live, but who you know that can tip the odds.A vast new project looking at the connections between […]

Idea for Charlotte to steal: Nashville developer partners with housing nonprofit

Those working to solve Charlotte’s housing shortage know each additional affordable unit is critical as population and needs grow.The city of Charlotte calculated 32,000 units are needed to meet the needs of more than 50,000 Charlotteans who don’t have an affordable place to live. Since 2001, Charlotte has produced almost 11,000 units toward that goal through partnerships with nonprofits, developers and […]

National report card shows decline in CMS students’ reading, math levels

CHARLOTTE — New data released in the national report card shows basic reading and math skills for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools at their lowest levels since data has been recorded.The report card, which is the 2022 National Assessment of Educational Progress, analyzes what our nation’s students know and can do in subjects like math, reading, science and writing, according […]

Charlotte Mecklenburg Quality of Life Explorer

“​​​​The Quality of Life Explorer looks at the social, housing, economic, environmental and safety conditions in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. Local residents, businesses, service providers, government agencies, realtors, universities and others can use the Explorer  to learn more about the county and its neighborhoods, develop programs and services, and plan for the future.” View the explorer here: https://mcmap.org/qol/#36/

Richard Reeves’ “Class Notes”

“CLASS NOTES”A twice-monthly newsletter with new research and commentary on families, social class, and inequality, curated by the Future of the Middle Class Initiative at Brookings.”

Stanford Equality of Opportunity Project

“The Educational Opportunity Project at Stanford University has built the first national database of academic performance. Use our Explorer to view three measures of educational opportunity in your school or community.”