Racial Equity Toolkit

A reflection and resource guide for collective impact backbone staff and partners. Exlpore the resource here: https://collectiveimpactforum.org/resource/racial-equity-toolkit/

Black Wealth Indicators

The Black Wealth Indicators bring together a dozen county-level measures of wealth from our Racial Wealth Equity Database. Search for one county to examine how an individual county measures up nationally or compare two counties. The tool paints a holistic picture of the variations that exist among communities and fuels a data-driven discussion on racial […]

Making Change: A State Advocacy Playbook for Equitable Education Finance

In “Making Change: A State Advocacy Playbook for Equitable Education Finance”, we share lessons from advocacy leaders in six states — California, Connecticut, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, and Nevada — on the conditions that paved the way for positive changes in their education finance systems. Read More

Charlotte Mecklenburg Quality of Life Explorer

“​​​​The Quality of Life Explorer looks at the social, housing, economic, environmental and safety conditions in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. Local residents, businesses, service providers, government agencies, realtors, universities and others can use the Explorer  to learn more about the county and its neighborhoods, develop programs and services, and plan for the future.” View the explorer here: https://mcmap.org/qol/#36/

Richard Reeves’ “Class Notes”

“CLASS NOTES”A twice-monthly newsletter with new research and commentary on families, social class, and inequality, curated by the Future of the Middle Class Initiative at Brookings.”

NYT Create your own Income Mobility Animation

“Pick any two demographic groups. You can sort by gender and by the income bracket in which children were raised. You can watch what happens to them as adult individuals, or in their adult households, in a variety of scenarios.”